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If you have arthritis or require additional support for any swollen, painful or weak joints, then you may benefit from the necessary support provided by hand and wrist splints available to buy online at UKS Mobility. With a comprehensive range of supportive wrist braces and splints, if you are looking for a Carpal Tunnel wrist brace or a splint that provides support and comfort to the hand or thumb, simply take a browse of the extensive selection of hand splints available to buy on our online store.


A wrist support brace is designed to ensure that your hand and your wrist are positioned correctly, to help keep discomfort to a minimum and reducing the pain of arthritis or any other conditions which cause joint and muscle pains.

As well as arthritis, those who suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may also see the benefits of using a Thermoskin wrist and hand brace. Thermoskin is clinically developed to provide a simple and effective treatment for joint and muscle pain, as well as also helping to reduce pain caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Combining support and compression, Thermoskin effectively supports the hand and wrist in a natural and comfortable position. Providing protection as well as support, Thermoskin also works to increase circulation to help treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as other medical conditions.

Choose from the number of clinically developed hand and wrist support brace products by shopping online at UKS Mobility. As specialists in providing medical and mobility equipment, our wide range of products makes it easy for you to find everything from a Carpal Tunnel wrist brace to a Thermoskin wrist and hand brace which can be used to minimise joint and muscle discomfort.