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Children with special educational needs, such as ADHD and autism, may struggle to listen properly and concentrate on what teachers or parents are saying to them. Many of us unconsciously fidget with things to help us concentrate and stay on task, and children can benefit greatly from being given something specific to fiddle and fidget with at certain times.

Fidget survival toys, such as flexi balls, tangles, and squidgy toys can help to keep little hands busy so that the mind can focus on what’s going on around them. They can also help to stimulate artistic imagination and bring out creativity in children too.


Here at UKS Mobility we stock a wide variety of survival fidget toys for use in homes and schools. Browse our full range below, where you’ll find tangles, squidgy balls, scrunchy fidget dinosaurs and fish, squishy mesh balls, and much more. Allowing children to play with a fidget toy in class can help them to stay focussed and pay attention to the teacher, helping them to learn and develop at a better rate.

We hope you’re able to find everything you need on our website, but if there’s anything else we can help with then please don’t hesitate to contact us.