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Our walking aids are designed to provide you with sturdy assistance as you move from place to place. If you are a person with mobility problems then it may be that a walking frame can provide you with the necessary support as you walk around.

At UKS Mobility we only stock the very best ‘Next Generation’ walking frames, providing you with a quality and durability that you can rely on. Many of our walking frames are adjustable to allow you to alter the height of the frame to suit your reach, we also offer walking frames which are collapsible for convenient storage when the frame is not in use.


Each walking frame is constructed from aluminium, this gives the frame a lightweight feel without compromising on sturdiness. The lightweight design of walking frames means they can be easily transported.

Walking frames from UKS Mobility come with swivel wheels (optional on some lines). The swivel wheels give an increased manoeuvrability for ease of movement. We also offer frames with handle mounted lockable breaks to provide you with that added level of safety. Another safety feature is the solid puncture-proof wheels.

As well as walking frames for adults we also stock walking frames for child use. These walking frames are specially designed to help aid children who may require extra assistance with their mobility.

All of our walking frames offer quality and dependability. With a number of different models to choose from, these lightweight frames are easy to manoeuvre while providing you with confidence and stability.