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Showering and toileting are two day-to-day things that many people take for granted. However, for bariatric patients with limited mobility due to excess weight and the associated health conditions, bathing and toileting can be somewhat difficult, uncomfortable, and undignified.

At UKS Mobility we provide a comprehensive range of bariatric equipment designed to help those who are obese to live their lives with comfort and dignity. Our bariatric shower commodes allow those who are overweight and suffer from weight-related health concerns to maintain a good level of personal hygiene.


Browse our full range of bariatric shower commode chairs below, where you’ll find a number of heavy duty wheeled chairs which are safe to use in the shower. A shower commode not only allows the user to shower whilst seated, but also allows them to toilet freely at the same time.

We’re confident that you’ll find all of the bariatric equipment you need on our website, but if you’d like any further information about any of our products please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.