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The bath boards we sell at UKS Mobility are designed to help you organise your bath products, and make them easily accessible for those of you who may have encountered mobility problems when using your bath.

Users can sometimes come across problems enjoying their bathing experience, in that they are able to enter and exit their bath safely and comfortably with the help of their bath seat, but may still have problems accessing all their usual bathing accessories and products, and this is where our bath boards come in!

Our range of bath boards includes products such as slatted and moulded bath boards, and adjustable bath boards to fit multiple baths, which can also move up and down your bath to your desired position.


Padded bath boards can offer a board which is more forgiving to both your limbs and your bath, should you knock into it or need to move it around your bathroom more regularly. Our wood effect bath boards, and combined bath seat and board can give a more luxurious feel to you bathroom, and we have the range of products to fit most styles of bath, and to match most styles of bathroom décor.

A bath board is a useful bathing aid for anyone who wishes to organise their soaps, shampoos, and other bathing accessories, and they can help you enjoy your bath in comfort as you always have.