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Bed Support For Disabled & Elderly

Getting in and out of bed with ease is something that many people take for granted; but for those with limited mobility it can be rather difficult. If you struggle to sit up in bed of your own accord, or are unable to swing your legs round and place your feet flat on the floor, getting in and out of bed can become hazardous and you may end up injuring or straining yourself.

Here at UKS Mobility we stock a wide range of mobility aids designed to help you to get in and out of bed with ease. Browse our full selection of bed support products below, where you’ll find over bed pole hoists and patient helpers that will aid you in getting into an upright position. You’ll also find adjustable back rests and memory foam wedges that can help you to get more comfortable when you’re in bed.


We also have a selection of transfer boards to help with this.

If you spend long periods of time in bed due to disability, illness, or post-surgery recovery, you may benefit from the bed arm chair, which gives you somewhere to rest your arms whilst you sit up in bed.