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Certain disabilities and learning difficulties like cerebral palsy, autism, and Down’s syndrome can make eating more difficult. The natural ageing process can also make eating more difficult for some people. Symptoms like drooling, regurgitation, and difficulty in bringing food up to the mouth can make mealtimes rather messy.

Here at UKS Mobility we supply a wide range of bibs, all designed to make mealtimes easier and cleaner. Our disposable bibs are perfect for using whilst you’re out and about as they can be disposed of straight away. These bibs are also popular with residential care homes as it cuts down on laundry costs.


The natural ageing process, and certain disabilities and learning difficulties, can make mealtimes more difficult for some people. Symptoms such as drooling, difficulty chewing, regurgitation, and difficulty with bringing food up to the mouth can make eating a messy and stressful process.

Bibs can help to contain any mess and protect clothing from food and drink spillages; and here at UKS Mobility we stock a great range of adult bibs for elderly and disabled people. Our disposable bibs are ideal for using when you’re out and about, and they’re also popular with many care homes as they help to reduce laundry costs.

We also supply a range of durable, reusable bibs for use in the home. Most of our bibs are machine washable for your peace of mind. Our long-length polyester wipeclean bib represents great value for money and doesn’t need to be machine-washed after each use; just a wipe down with mild bleach is enough to keep it clean and sanitised.

Browse our full range of adult sized bibs below, where you’ll also find a number of durable, reusable bibs that can be machine washed or wiped clean with a sanitising solution. Our dining bibs allow elderly and disabled adults to enjoy meal times with the dignity and comfort they deserve.

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