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Rehabilitation Books, DVDs, & CDs

At UKS Mobility we offer a comprehensive range of reference books, CDs and DVDs including books on rehabilitation. We have a strong background in providing health care and mobility products to both medical facilities and the public, our range of educational references act as necessary guides to aid rehabilitation and other medical practices.

Our range of books, DVDs and CDs are useful education aids to assist medical and health care professionals covering a variety of different disciplines. Our rehabilitation educational aids such as textbooks are ideal for medical students of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy as well as rehabilitation professionals. Each reference book provides information on advised treatments and support as well as providing an awareness of any specific medical guidelines.


Each book, CD and DVD can be used to aid studies or to act as a quick reference guide whenever required. As well as books, we also offer a range of other educational resources including rehabilitation references and anatomical models which can be used to provide a quick guide of internal and external organs for educational purposes or when explaining a diagnosis to a patient.

At UKS Mobility you will also find a competitive range of scooters and mobility aids. We offer a complete collection of mobility aids from high quality manufacturers to help make every day routine tasks as easy and as comfortable as possible for disabled individuals or those with mobility issues. All of our mobility aids can be used in medical facilities or within home environments.

Equip your health care facility or aid your studies with reference books from UKS Mobility. We offer a range of textbooks, CDs and DVDs covering various medical disciplines, such as books on rehabilitation, to provide comprehensive information for medical and health care professionals and students.