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Anatomy Charts & Posters

At UKS Mobility you will find a huge range of reference charts such as anatomy posters and educational charts. These charts can be used in a number of environments such as in educational facilities or as quick reference guides in medical centres, health clubs and gyms. Each chart provides comprehensive information in a readable format.

An anatomy chart or poster provides a brief overview of the human body. Giving information on the overall structure of the body, anatomy charts also detail the various external and internal organs. Charts such as these are great educational aids for those studying physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and other medical disciplines, they can also be used as quick guides for medical and health care professionals.


We also offer a variety of different health and fitness posters. These posters detail various exercises which can help assist the body, making them an essential reference aid in rehabilitation centres and also within fitness and gym environments. We source our reference charts and posters from leading suppliers to provide you with quality educational references.

As well as reference charts and posters, at UKS Mobility we also offer a wide range of educational aids such as anatomy models, books, CDs and DVDs. These resources can be used in educational environments or within medical practices to provide additional information to patients.

Anatomy posters and health and fitness posters act as great reference guides. At UKS Mobility you will find a complete range of educational posters such as our anatomy chart which can help aid studies or act as a quick reference when required.