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Standard furniture can often be inaccessible to those with limited mobility and disabilities. Chairs, sofas, and beds are often too low down, meaning that people with limited mobility might struggle to lower themselves down and raise themselves back up again.


Of course, there are specialist beds and chairs that can be purchased to aid people with limited mobility and disabilities. However, if you’d prefer to simply make adjustments to the furniture you already own then we stock a wide variety of furniture raisers.



Please browse our range of furniture aids above, where you’ll find a number of different chair raisers, bed raisers, and sofa raisers. The height of a chair can be increased by adding wooden or plastic individual raisers to each chair leg. The same process can also be used to raise a bed.


Sofas and armchairs can be raised with additional seating cushions, or by placing a pair of raiser bars underneath the chair to give it extra height.


We hope you’re able to find everything you need on our site, but if there’s anything else we can help with then please do get in touch and speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team.




What is a furniture riser used for?


A furniture elevator can eliminate the household problem for a person with limited mobility of having low furniture.


A set of risers can be used as bed lifters to maximise the height providing more comfort when getting on and off the bed. They can raise furniture legs for a table, sofa, or work desks.


Furniture risers offer valuable options to make life at home easier for people who struggle with low size furnishings.


Why are furniture raisers better than accessible furniture?


Unlike most types of mobility equipment or custom furnishings, a quality set of furniture risers is very affordable and accessible to people of all income levels.


They provide a perfect temporary solution and take up little to no storage space. It gives people with limited mobility more options with their home furnishings and gives them ease of access. Raising your furniture height with risers can make getting around your house a whole lot safer and easier.


What are furniture risers made out of?


Risers are made of high-quality materials from pine wood and plastic. The furniture risers board is made of solid wood to ensure long life and maximum durability and when in use. The risers have smooth plastic edges which won't end up scuffing or denting any of your hardwood floorings.


What are the pros of using furniture risers?


With an affordable cost and an abundance of uses for any household furnishings. A furniture riser has no cons and so many pros as outlined below:


  • They can be used as bed risers for low beds.

  • They can be used as a table riser to extend the height of tables

  • They can support furnishings with a total weight of 1000 kilos

  • Can easily be stored away when not in use

  • very affordable

  • Made of high-quality material