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Elderly people, and those with certain disabilities, often have weaker bones and joints, making them more prone to sprains, strains, and breakages if they slip or fall. If you or someone you care for has osteoporosis, arthritis, or a similar condition that affects bones and joints, it may be necessary to wear leg, knee, or foot protectors to prevent serious injuries occurring.

Likewise, if you’ve recently injured your leg, foot, or knee then you may require some extra support and protection whilst your injury heals, in order to manage the pain and prevent further injury. Here at UKS Mobility we stock a wide variety of leg, knee, and foot protectors and support for disabled and elderly people.


Browse our full range of lower limb support products below, where you’ll find a variety of heel protectors, foot braces, knee supports, leg pillows, and bunion splints. We stock high quality support and protection products, which are all designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.

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