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UKS Mobility has a wide range of mobility scooters for sale to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight folding mobility scooter to travel with or a large mobility scooter that’s road legal, you’ll find vehicles from some of the UK’s top brands below.


Buy Mobility Scooters for all Disability Types

If you struggle to walk unaided, a mobility scooter can help renew your confidence. Our heavy-duty and lightweight mobility scooters can be used for travel, on pavement or on the road, allowing you to choose the solution that’s right for you.

At UKS Mobility, we understand that a scooter can be a considerable investment that not everybody is able to afford. If you are not yet ready to buy a scooter, you can hire a mobility scooter in all sizes from our site in line with the Motability Scheme. The scheme allows those in receipt of certain benefits to exchange part or all of their allowance for a scooter, high-powered wheelchair, or a car to suit their needs. Search our range for Motability prices.

Our range of three-wheel and four-wheel mobility scooters come in speeds between 4mph and 8mph. Choose from a great range of colours, designs and brands for a stylish and attractive scooter that can help you regain your independence.


Can you get funding for a mobility scooter?

People in receipt of certain benefits can exchange part or all of their allowance for a mobility scooter. At UKS Mobility, we know that being able to afford your mobility aid of choice is essential for peace of mind, which is why we have staff available to support you in purchasing the ideal mobility aid for you. Simply call us on 0161 969 4011 to discuss your situation.

What is the best small mobility scooter?

We have a range of lightweight and fold up mobility scooters from leading brands, including KYMCO, Go-Go Elite and Mobie Plus. These compact and car boot scooters are perfect for travelling and are suitable for pavement driving, with a maximum speed of 4mph.

Do I need insurance for my mobility scooter?

While there is no legal requirement to have insurance on your mobility scooter, it is highly recommended. Whether you have a compact or drive style mobility scooter, you may still have an accident or injure yourself and insurance can protect you and your scooter.

Do you need a driving license for a mobility scooter?

For both on-road and compact mobility scooters, you don’t need a driving license but you must register class 3, or road legal scooters. Whether you have your mobility scooter on finance, for rent or have purchased it, you must register it through the government site before taking it on the road.

How often should I charge my scooter?

You should generally always charge your scooter after use to ensure it’s ready when you need it next. However, overcharging can occur in some models so avoid leaving it on charge for longer than 24 hours. Once your scooter is delivered, you can find out more about the ideal charging schedule for your specific model.

Can you use a scooter if you’re not disabled?

Electric mobility scooters are designed to support those who can only walk a short distance, whether because of disability or obesity. Therefore, if you experience limited mobility and feel you need support to get around, you might want to buy a mobility scooter.