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Elderly and disabled people often struggle to stand or walk very short distances unaided, relying on a wheelchair to get around and also requiring full time care. As a carer, you are responsible for helping patients move safely from their wheelchair to their armchair or bed, and vice versa. This can be quite physically demanding, but fortunately there are a number of tools available which make life simpler and easier for both patients and carers.

Patient turners allow you to carefully rotate your patient in a standing position so that they can move from one surface to another with ease. A padded knee rest and handlebars help the patient to feel secure as they place their feet on the base and stand up; the carer can then gently rotate the patient, allowing them to sit down on a new surface.


Here at UKS Mobility we stock a wide range of patient turners. Browse our full selection below, where you’ll find a selection of sizes and designs to suit your needs, as well as accessories such as handling straps and raisers.

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