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Those who are disabled or obese and spend much of their time in a seated position are particularly prone to pressure sores. When a person is seated in the same position for a long time a large amount of pressure is placed on the skin, disrupting the flow of blood and nutrients to the area, which leads to an ulcer forming. Bedsores are painful, but can be minimised or even avoided with the right aids.

Here at UKS Mobility we understand the issues faced by those with limited mobility, which is why we stock a fully comprehensive selection of equipment designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for disabled and elderly people and their carers.


Browse our full range of seating pressure relievers below, where you’ll find inflatable rubber ring cushions, padded waffle cushions, and foam cushions all designed to ease the pressure on the skin when seated for long periods. We also stock pressure cushions suitable for bariatric patients, which are able to cope with weights of up to 54 stone.

We’re sure you’ll find all the mobility aids you need on our website, but if there’s anything else we can help with please do get in touch.