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Something as seemingly simple as using the toilet can actually be rather difficult and stressful for a person with limited mobility, particularly when mobility problems are caused or compounded by being very overweight. Obesity in itself can make simple tasks much more difficult, but many people who are grossly overweight also suffer from various health conditions too.

Here at UKS Mobility we understand the myriad of problems faced by bariatric patients on a day-to-day basis, and we provide a wide range of products and equipment that can make life a little easier and more comfortable for those with limited mobility. Our range of bariatric toileting aids ensures that bladder and bowel movements can be done hygienically, and with dignity.


Browse our full range of toileting equipment and accessories below, where you’ll find a wide range of bariatric commodes, extra wide toilet frames, and heavy duty raised toilet seats. We also stock Radar Toilet Keys from Blue Badge Company, which allow the user access to around 9000 locked public disabled toilets throughout the UK.

We hope you’re able to find all the bariatric equipment you need on our website, but if there’s anything else we can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch.