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For those with limited mobility, getting in and out of a vehicle can prove quite difficult. There are certain models of car that are designed with disabled and elderly people in mind, but most standard vehicles, unless otherwise adapted, are quite hard to get in and out of without some help.

A turntable or swivel seat can make life a lot easier for someone with limited mobility. They are very easy to use; simply place them onto the seat of the vehicle before the person gets in. The person then lowers themselves down onto the turntable with both feet on the ground; then from a seated position they can begin to turn on the swivel seat and gently lift their legs into the footwell of the car.


Here at UKS Mobility we stock a wide variety of turntables to suit a range of different budgets. Browse our full selection below, where you’ll find everything from padded rotation cushions to heavy duty turntables to suit your needs.

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