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Collection Description

Urinals and bed pans can be vital pieces of equipment for the chronically ill or those who are bedbound. Providing relief for people less mobile, all of our products have practical designs, allowing them to be used within the comfort of a person’s own bed.

We stock a variety of products for male and female usage, as well as our Uriwell unisex urinal. These products have been made to specifically prevent problems such as spills and odours. The new and innovative designs prioritise comfort and hygiene for all users.

All of our urinals and bed pans are made from plastic, allowing for a quick and easy clean, whilst also increasing durability. The plastic surfaces can be cleaned with steam, water or chemicals so that the products can be used again and again.


Some of our products are also suitable for travelling, to provide simple toileting solutions when you’re on the go. The disposable travel urinal is ideal, and the potty liners and bed pan liners are good accessories to work in conjunction with our other products when you are travelling.

Our female urinals offer greater comfort compared to older designs, and can be easily positioned without assistance, whilst ensuring privacy. UriFem® is our most recommended female urine bottle with its anatomical design and stable base to cope with unexpected movements and prevent leakage or spills.

If you have any questions about our products please don’t hesitate to contact us at UKS Mobility or call us on 0161 969 4011. We also stock cleaning gels and liquids to help care for the equipment.