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Elderly and disabled people with limited mobility are often not in the position to protect their own dignity, so it falls upon their carers to be responsible for affording them some privacy. Whether you’re helping the person to get dressed, performing a bed bath, or examining them medically, it is important to respect their privacy when there are other people in the room.

A ward screen offers the necessary level of privacy for elderly or disabled people who are in a shared room in a hospice or nursing home. It can be easily wheeled to where it is needed and positioned accordingly to offer maximum privacy. When not in use it can also be folded up and stored upright out of the way so as not to pose a hazard to anyone in the vicinity.


Browse our full range of ward screens below, where you’ll find three and four panel folding screens to suit your needs. Each of our folding ward screens are wheeled to allow easy manoeuvrability, making them very simple to set up for use and store afterwards.