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With so many types and brands of bath lifts for the elderly and disabled available, searching for one may seem daunting. Carefully thinking about what it is that you require from your product can help make searching for a device much more simple. Bellavita, Sonaris & Deltis are some of the brands we stock, but what is the best option for you?

Bath aids like lifts for seniors are ideal tools for people who require some assistance lowering themselves into a bath but do not yet require or want a refurbished disabled bath.

Effectively, lifts are placed in the bath and raised so it is level with the top of your bath. You can then sit in the seat and allow it to lower you into the bath with the water already run.



Whether you are looking for electric bath lifts to assist with disabilities, bathtub chairs, seats or general bath lifts, we have a model for every bather.


We stock both of the main types of bath lifts, motorised and air pressure, as well as models with varying accessories for every need. Whichever type you choose, it can be removed when not in use so that no inconvenience is caused to other users.


For us, the most important thing to consider is the specific need of the user. Depending on the individual's needs, it may be worth considering specialist features such as safety belts or additional headrests to maximise comfort.


Also, many of the bigger brands such as Bellavita, Sonaris, and Deltis offer transport bags for the apparatus which allow you to take them with you on holiday or when visiting. If you have any questions or want more information about our bath lifts, please don't hesitate to contact us.



How does a bath lift work?


The lift works by lowering you in and out of the bath, all powered by waterproof hand controls. Your bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation, and you shouldn't feel stressed at the idea of entering and exiting your bath. A battery-powered bath seat means that you don't have to strain yourself to use your bath!


Why are bath lifts beneficial?


Bathtubs are tricky to manage unaided when you have mobility restrictions, and can even be dangerous due to the slippery surface of soap and water. Lifts offer people extra support in being lowered into the water, making it a safe and comfortable process.


Aside from general safety, additional benefits include easing the strain on the body. For example, people with arthritis could benefit from taking a relaxing bath without any physical strain from lowering themselves in.


They are an invaluable addition to the home for people who need extra help getting into their bath, without needing a specialist bathroom.


What are the different types of bath lifts?


There are two main types of lifts; motorised and air pressure. Motorised lifts tend to be more stable for those who have balance issues, while air pressure seats enable a deeper plunge as they reach the very bottom of the bath. When shopping for a bath lift you will have to decide whether a motorised lift or one that uses air pressure works best for yourself.


You may also want to consider additional features such as maintaining an upright position whilst bathing or opting for a reclining bath lift. If you need extra mobility assistance, then a swivel seat could be perfect. Or even if you want to maximise versatility then being able to adjust the seat width could be a priority.


Do I need a bath lift?


If you have conditions that impact on your bathing experience then yes! Lowering yourself into the bath when you have a disability or lowered mobility can be incredibly stressful, or simply impossible. A bath lift eases this and offers added control over your bathing experience.


We offer delivery all across the UK, so don't hesitate in finding the perfect bath lift for your home!