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Bladder and bowel incontinence are unfortunate side effects of certain disabilities and old age. Not only do people lose full control over their bodily functions, they also lose some of their dignity as they rely more and more on other people to look after them and clean up after them. In addition to this, incontinence can also be rather unsanitary and unhygienic if it is not handled properly.

It’s important that carers and residential homes take precautions to protect furniture, protect dignity, and prevent the spread of bacteria. Waterproof chair and bed protection sheets help to ensure that furniture is protected, and any mess can be cleaned up as quickly and easily as possible.


Our comprehensive selection of chair and bed protection products includes:

  • Reusable machine-washable bed pads, mattress protectors and chair protectors in a variety of soft and comfortable materials
  • A wide range of disposable bed pads, mattress protectors and chair protectors, for the ultimate in convenience
  • Waterproof terry-towelling bedding, including pillowcases

Browse our full range of chair and bed protection below or take a look at our bed sanitising products, where you’ll find a selection of reusable waterproof mattress protectors in various sizes, as well as disposable seat and bed protection pads that can be taken out and about in case of accidents.