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For those who have difficulty when standing, especially for long periods of time, we have a large range of shower seats which can aid you in completing your daily routine.

We carry many different kinds of shower stools at varying prices, specialist designs and are packed full of additional features which are sure to be more than useful in many situations.

Additionally, there is the bonus that the majority of products within this category are exempt from VAT, meaning you get better value for your money!


Our standard range of shower chairs includes water-resistant aluminium frame shower stools, lightweight showering chairs, corner stools and stools with handles. We understand the importance of mobility, versatility and comfort.

Across our collection, there are seats with additional manoeuvrability such as shower seats with wheels or you could opt for a folding shower chair. For a more comfortable stool, you have the choice of seats with comfortable armrests and back support.

If looking for a more advanced bath seat, we have many seats which can be mounted or fitted to the wall inside the shower, as well as commodes which can be used for either. You can still maximise your support with padded seats, stools with armrests or back support.

All of the products that we stock are from major brands, who design their models to a high-quality industry standard, with the durable and sturdy materials. This ensures maximum safety and comfort, and that your shower stool will last a lifetime!




What is a shower chair used for?


A shower seat is used as a seating area in your shower, for those who can't or struggle to stand for long periods of time. This takes away the additional strain, offering a comfortable seat to go about your daily bathing routine.


They feature a moulded plastic seat which you can rest upon, that can be accessorised for further support. Each model is designed to keep showering an enjoyable experience, in spite of all mobility concerns.


Are there different types of shower chairs?


Yes! Like with all of our mobility aids, we stock many different types for all different needs!


Whether you prefer a basic shower stool or seat, or you would prefer a more supportive frame that an aluminium shower chair could offer, there are a wealth of options available.


How can using a shower stool benefit me?


A shower stool is designed to help all people who struggle with having to stand freely for prolonged periods.


Our customers include seniors, injured and disabled people - all can benefit from the strain alleviation of a shower seat.


What is the best shower chair?


With such a wide assortment of shower chairs, each seat has specialist design features to make it perfect for every individual experience.


If you want something supportive and comfortable, then looking for models with extra seat and back padding to provide additional support is the way to go.


Or, if you value versatility, specialist models such as a height-adjustable shower stool could be the best option. The adjustable height ensures that your entire household can use it comfortably and you won't have to strain to use a seat that is too short or high up for you!